Necap Agrarische Bewaarsystemen Wieringerwerf

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This box, by its modified plank distribution, is extremely suitable for the new generation of storage systems.

The body of the box is reinforced with four or six bracings. All The processed wood is North-European deal which is planed on four sides. All four corners of the box are beveled.

The box is also provided with a black surface and an imprint which is given by the customer. All connections are nailed with 3 galvanized threading screws en glued with a PU D4 adhesive. The bracings are mounted with a special nailing technique which securely fastens them. The two outside planks of the pallet are placed against each other to make it stronger. An iron bracket at the base of the box will hold everything in place.

The plank distribution depends of the kind of product which has to be ventilated. If these are high resistance products there are customizable solutions to create a higher pressure inside the box by closing additional openings in the side panels.

The optimal construction in combination with firstclass materials ensures a very long life span.

Standard dimensions:           D             B            H
                                           1095   x   1400   x   1232  mm
                                           1195   x   1600   x   1232  mm     
                                           1235   x   1600   x   1147  mm
                                           1250   x   1600   x   1232  mm

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