Necap Agrarische Bewaarsystemen Wieringerwerf

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Distinguishes itself by its optimal construction, easy maintenance and perfect measurement.

The body of the box has been reinforced on the pallet along the for - and back side with an extra heavy beam 45 x 90 mm. Unique feature is the size of the frontbeams; 42 x 90 mm.

The upperdeck of the pallet has been covered with a Sendzimir galvanised perforated plate. When any possible damage to the upperdeck occurs, the perforated plate can be simply dismantled by means of screws.

AAll the connections are glued with waterproof construction glue and are nailed with galvanised screwnails. The processed northern European pinewood has been planed at 4-sides and can be impregnated if required with Kemwood ACQ21. The box is provided with a black writing field and a print given by the customer.

The optimal construction in combination with firstclass materials ensures a very long life span.

Standard dimensions:           D             B            H
                                           1000   x   1200   x   1000  mm
                                           1200   x   1200   x   1000  mm

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