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Due to the chicory grow tray's well-designed construction, a long life-span can be guaranteed.

The heavy legs are the base of this tray. Wood thickness of the tray edge; 23 x 120 mm. By applying the unique mitre connection on the angles, a firm construction is obtained.

The bottom is built from pinewood boards, measurement; 23 x 120 mm. The whole tray is glued with waterproof construction glue and nailed with galvanised screwnails. All the processed wood is 4-sides planed impregnated northern European pinewood.

We can also provide:
- Plastic bottomtrays.
- Foil.
- Watertubes.

Standard dimensions:          D             B            H
                                           900     x   1200   x   500 mm
                                           1000   x   1200   x   500  mm

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